“ Da Vinci’s contributions to our understanding of the universe are profound and enduring precisely because of this integration. He realised wholism needed reductionism to advance and reductionism needed wholism to remain relevant. He realised that when you take something out of context to study it more closely or measure it exactly, you risk losing more wisdom than you gain.”
Dr. T. Colin Campbell Ph.D “Whole”

This small book attempts to stimulate the reader to regain the faculty of such thinking in a world that has been dominated by reductionism in all fields of study and endeavor, but perhaps most significantly in the field of medicine and healthcare. We are at an critical evolutionary stage in our understanding and practice of medicine and we need to meet this challenge, not with the old paradigm of Newtonian thinking but a new 21st Century Vision, not with Aristotle’s “binary” logic but with Buddha’s “fuzzy” logic; the former demands something ‘is or is not’, the latter that something ‘is and is not’. This is not the field for the flat-earthers of today!