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Weight, health and the spine

We should all be most “at home”, not in our house, flat or palace, but in our body!

Few of us realize the vital importance of the normal alignment and mobility of the spine.

The spine represents the physical component of health promotion that can complement all other therapies.

Note also that posture reflects how you feel and how you feel changes your posture. Any bad posture will automatically disturb the structure of the spine and hence the functioning of the body.

I highly recommend “UPRIGHT GO” an aid to improve anyone’s posture with biofeedback. Click on the image below to learn more:

This site will help the public and many doctors to better understand how back and spine affects every organ and functioning of our body.

Too often we forget that the “pain in the neck” or the “pain in the butt” will be causing problems in the organs associated with that part of spine, or even more importantly it may be an internal organ that is causing the pain in the back. This inter-relationship has been the foundation of most physical therapy whether it is osteopathy, massage, chiropractic, Alexander technique, tai chi, Pilates, orthopathy, etc. The concept that “structure governs function” and “function governs structure” is all part of a more holistic approach to health care and therapy.

Discover for yourself how a pain or disturbsance in any part of your spine will impact on your entire body. Remember that the reverse is also true, an upset stomach may cause a pain in your spine.

Just click on any part of the spine below to begin your journey into your amazing body.

The Spine

The spine is connected to everything


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