The Breath Connection

“Better breathing means better health”

You may be surprised to discover how many health problems are linked to poor breathing habits, habits we can all learn to change. See below just some of the hundred or more health problems and click on any one of them to learn more.

In this modern world, everyone is agreed that scientific proof of any remedial system or drug is essential before it is made freely available within a health care system. There are two key problems arising from this assumption that both affect the recognition of the effectiveness of the Buteyko Method; the first questions the trust we place in current clinical trials and the way they are constructed and the second is more fundamental, in that the overwhelming majority of clinical trials are funded by drug companies who are unwilling to fund research into a system that has already been shown to considerably reduce the need for drugs.

Watch the BBC video below that demonstrated the effectiveness of the Buteyko Method for Asthma.

Just click on the image:

The video refers to the cost of the Buteyko Training in a class but today you can teach yourself for free with a podcast and an optional accompanying book:

Click on the Podcast Course that is for you and the Course Book below:


A brief introduction to the work of Professor Konstantin Buteyko. This book highlights the connections between many common diseases and our dysfunctional breathing. You will be able to check your own breathing and discover what signs and symptoms you have may be associated with your poor breathing habits.

This book also may be used for your training on the above podcasts as it includes a section for your exercises at the back.

To learn more about the impact of breathing on your health, why not download my free e-book? “The Breath Connection”

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Did you know that “What you eat affects the wasy you breathe and how you breathe affects what you eat?”

So maybe you should check your diet to help with your breath training?


TotalHealthMatters! has been chosen as one of the first in the UK to participate in a radical new way of screening your nutrition called “Diet ID” Unlike traditional nutritional assessments that can take over an hour of questioning and expensive consultations to follow up, this system can take under a minute to derive a detailed analysis of your diet and offer support and advice to improve it.

Developed by Dr. Katz and now widely used in the USA by doctors and businesses you can try it yourself HERE

This is an excerpt from the Buteykokent website which has a wealth of infomation about the method and the science behind its success and can be found below:

Some of the health effects of Chronic Hyperventilation.

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Every breath you take

British children have the world’s highest level of asthma. But the Buteyko system of lung control means many could soon be breathing a sigh of relief. Robert Schweizer reports By Robert Schweizer

Sunday 27 June 2004

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Breathing easy with the Buteyko Method


Last updated at 16:31 16 July 2007

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A Breathing Technique Offers Help for People With Asthma

By Jane E Brody

Published: November 2, 2009

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Boost your oxygen uptake for a healthier life

by Michael Lingard

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

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