What is Health?

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After forty years of practicing osteopathic and holistic health care, I have come to realize that there is very little interest in the origin and nature of health. We have a National Health Service, which allocates minimal resources to “health”. It is a disease-prevention, management, and treatment service.

Thank you for following this site, I do try to keep it interesting and try to keep to the main reason for its existence, which is to give advice on health promotion. Usually free by the way!

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Michael Lingard

    “The secret of patient care, is caring for the patient” Dr. Francis  W.Peabody (1881-1927)

  Reductionism & Holism

“Da Vinci’s contributions to our understanding of the universe are profound and enduring precisely because of this integration. He realized wholism needed reductionism to advance and reductionism needed wholism to remain relevant. He realized that when you take something out of context to study it more closely or measure it exactly, you risk losing more wisdom than you gain.”
Dr. T. Colin Campbell Ph.D. “Whole”

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“The Buteyko Guide to Better Breathing & Better Health”

The Buteyko Method is a training system that is aimed at normalizing a person’s breathing, reducing chronic hidden hyperventilation, teaching good posture and breathing habits, combined with advice on diet, exercise, sleep and lifestyle.


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