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“We are what we eat”

Our diet has a profound effect on our health, we are indeed “what we eat” and our food can truly be our best medicine. Likewise, our food can be the main reason or most significant factor causing us ill health. This page aims to give some of the scientific evidence.

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Note the schematic diagram gives a very simplified risk assessment of various mixed diets. Remember that even a 100% Whole Plant Diet (WPBD) does not guarantee freedom from any health risk, a very small % age is due to our genetic makeup, environmental factors, etc. Likewise, a 100% Animal-Based & Dairy Diet (ABFD) does not guarantee you will suffer a major modern disease, just as some people have been able to live an active life to 95 years of age smoking 40 a day and heavy drinking, but they are the exception!

Some of the many conditions and issues associated with poor nutrition.

Food for thought FAQ’s

Some frequently asked questions & answers

An Animal – Based Diet (ABD) will guarantee higher intake of cholesterol versus a Plant-Based Diet (PBD)

Protein content is the same for both ABD & PBD

PBD gives ten times more iron than ABD

Calcium content is doubled with a PBD and essential magnesium is ten times higher with PBD

Anti-oxidants (vitamins) negligble quantity in ABD our principal source of anti-oxidants is from PBD

No fibre in ABD more than RDA in PBD. Fibre is essential for healthy digestive functioning.

The only potential deficiency is B12 and possibly Vitamin D if living in northern climates or severely protected from the sun. Here supplements may be advisable.

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