Might it be possible to live a long, active, healthy life without medical support?

Why have we become used to the idea that our health is dependent on medicine or surgical intervention?

Barring injuries from accidents or falls, can we manage well without medicine?

Is this concept such a wild suggestion to be dismissed as totally unrealistic?

Let’s look at the major diseases:

Arthritis – is often the result of neglected mechanics or diet.

Asthma – can be better managed with breath training.

Anxiety – may be controlled through relaxation & breathing.

Cancer – is usually associated with diet, stress, and lifestyle

Diabetes – is a disease associated with diet & lifestyle

Dementia – Vascular dementia is related to diet, mind & lifestyle

General Health – good health should be the norm with the right lifestyle.

Heart disease – a result of diet, stress, & lifestyle

Strokes – usually arise from diet & lifestyle

Most modern diseases are related to our modern affluent, over-medicated, stressful, unhealthy living that we all have the ability to change.

The Four Basic Foundations of Health

Your Body Structure and Mechanics, like any machine, must be in good alignment and moving normally for health and fitness.

Your Food intake determines your health. “We are what we eat!” and most health problems are related to diet to a large degree.

Your Breathing is essential to life as we know, but how you breathe can be a major cause of ill health and is usually overlooked.

Your Mind is the fundamental factor that can be supported to promote health; our brains are ever-changing and adaptive.

Now consider modern medicine and the treatment and support offered to most people for most diseases.

1. Does your doctor check your body mechanics and structural functioning? Probably not unless your doctor is a D.O.

2. Does your doctor routinely check your diet and give nutritional advice.? Probably not because this is not a significant part of their training.

3. Does your doctor check the quality of your breathing? Probably not, unless you are presenting with a respiratory disease that will be then treated with drugs.

4. Does your doctor check your stress levels, your emotional state, and happiness? Not unless you present as a mental illness patient that will lead to more medication.

Perhaps modern medicine has lost its way on the search for health and has become obsessed with pathology and its treatment with drugs or surgery.

The secret is, we all have the freedom to change this, it will mean changing your lifestyle and depending less on your doctor fixing all your ills.