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With the ever-increasing threat to our health from Covid-19 and all the mutations, with the campaign of fear feeding us with daily bulletins of deaths from this virus, with the increased anxiety that even with the almost mandatory jabs we can still be infected and suffer badly, with the news that we may need repeated booster jabs to stay safe, maybe you like many others are getting pretty confused and despondent.

I have been trying to discover the answer to my title question for over four decades as a healthcare practitioner. It is such a simple question that we all presume we know the answer. Yes, indeed I really believe we do know the answer but we have been taught by the medical profession that our intuitive, instinctive understanding is wrong! No! Health is what you achieve with medical interventions, drugs, operations, vaccines, supplements, therapists, and so forth. Most of my work in healthcare has been based on what is patronizingly called “alternative medicine” or “Complementary Medicine” such as improvement in nutrition, improvement in structural integrity, improvement in breathing, learning how to relax, improved hydration, light exercise, good company, and community ….. May I suggest one day we will see mainstream medicine classed as Complementary Medicine, complementary to Lifestyle Medicine that teaches us how to care better for ourselves, and if that is not enough then we will all gladly welcome the best of mainstream medicine available.

I have tried to put some of my thoughts and discoveries into one small book entitled “Connection” “Towards a better understanding of health in medicine”. I have concluded what most of us already know, that health is based on ……well everything in our lives!

I give a copy to every new patient that visits my practice to perhaps reassure them that to a large extent “Your Health is in Your Hands” and that health ought to be considered The Norm!

If you do decide to buy a copy please let me know your take on it. Our understanding is always changing, and maybe an updated version will be needed after this Covid panic-demic has gone away.