The fact that the NHS is not free may come as a shock to most people.

Apparently, our NHS costs each and every one of us over £3000 per year.

We hadn’t noticed this because it is paid out of our taxes on our behalf.

Not as bad as the USA which has a per capita spend of over double that at £7,000.

The UK has one of the highest publicly funded healthcare systems – 80% publicly funded from our taxes. However, the UK’s healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP is the second lowest of the G7 countries.

Increasingly it is becoming recognized that our NHS is not good value for money and needs a radical overhaul.

The main reason for this inefficiency is that it is too big to be efficient!

Anyone wanting to understand the effect of “bigness” on efficiency should read “The Eternal Venture Spirit” by Kazuma Tateishi.

The saddest part of all is that there is little funding for health promotion and health education in our NHS. It is, in fact, primarily a National Sickness Service, and as such ranks amongst the best in the world. Though without more health education and healthier lifestyles, the burden on the NHS will always be overwhelmed by any new emergency. No amount of increased cash is going to save it for the future. Because there is little profit in health though there is in disease, this has skewed the provision of medical care.

I have worked in the healthcare community for over four decades, trying to contribute my experience to help others to help themselves to better health and reduce the risk of chronic disease. Most of this advice and information is free of charge and can be found on my website.

If you want our NHS to be there for our children and grandchildren we had all better start to take more responsibility for our own health right now!

Can you spare about fifteen minutes to run through a few self-checks to get started?

Check your breathing quality HERE This takes less than a minute.
Check your diet two ways: with a simple quiz, and with the latest system from the USA, Diet ID
Check your Stress Level HERE with the Luscher Colour Test.
Check your BMI, this gives a rough guide to your healthy weight/height.

Now help yourself to all the free information and training on my site: Visit Courses & Training: Free podcasts on many health topics
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Michael Lingard BSc. DO. Cert. PBNut. BBEA
Orthopath, Buteyko Educator, Whole Plant-Based Nutritionist.