We suffer from an undeniable epidemic of nutrition confusion. In fact, this confusion has become a mammoth industry unto itself.

The explosive demand for lifestyle books, blogs, magazines, podcasts, and other media indicate an extraordinary demand for guidance, and it’s virtually impossible to avoid the almost constant stream of advertising that preys on our confusion.

We are not a healthy, well-informed public!

A combination of international correlation studies, migration studies, experimental laboratory animal studies, and human intervention studies have linked poor or inadequate nutrition to many of the leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, and more. However, this means that there is huge room for improvement.

The number of premature deaths that could be prevented by good nutrition boggles the mind. Consider the number one killer in the US – heart disease – which claims the lives of about 650,000 Americans every year.[2] Estimates backed by research suggest that up to 90% of those deaths could be prevented by the informed use of nutrition.[3] That’s a potential 585,000 lives saved from only one disease!

There is also a huge financial incentive to get our act together. Medical expenses are the number one cause of bankruptcies in this country,[4] and health care spending currently accounts for nearly 20% of the nation’s GDP – a huge increase from previous decades.[5] Doing a better job of dealing with these lifestyle-related diseases would free up a tremendous amount of resources.

From: Nutritionstudies.org/the future of nutrition

“When it comes to human health, the status quo is an ugly thing: every day, human lives are impoverished, disabled, and ended by avoidable diseases. Is that a status quo worth preserving?”


Have you ever wondered whether your diet is healthy and protecting you from acute and chronic diseases?

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Rapid Diet Screening

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Michael Lingard BSc. DO. Cert. WPNut. Orthopath, Buteyko Educator and Plantrician