The World Organization of Natural Medicine (W.O.N.M.) international conference
TURNING POINT 2020 live-streamed to 2.5 million Oct. 17-25

The World Organization of Natural Medicine WONM.ORG

Proudly Presents it’s International Conference TURNING POINT 2020 featuring over 50 World Leaders in Health Sciences / Research, Women’s Issues, Freedom of Choice, Humanitarian Values, Personal Development, and Empowerment.

Learn the Skills & Choices available to ‘PIVOT & SHIFT’ in the New World in front of us.

Est. Live Streamed to over 2.5 Million in over 22 Countries!*

Full List of Speakers, click on Full Details below:

“The World Organization of Natural Medicine is positioned as the leader in preventive medicine and humanitarian medicine healthcare. We believe in balance, the transparency of health information and ease of access for all citizens around the World. The most important aspect of our goals is…freedom of choice for the care of your mind and body “

Conference Super-Saturday Programs: Oct. 17 & 24 (see schedule)

Conference Workshop Extravaganza’s: Oct. 18 & 25 (see schedule)

Conference Core Events {the HUMANITY CONFERENCE}: Oct. 19-23 evenings

This year’s event is transformed into a ‘LIVE’ ON-LINE EVENT with the theme “Turning Point 2020” – The Conference that changed the World. The world is at a turning point in its history due to the most recent upheavals that have resulted in the devastation of the well being of nations worldwide. This conference will embody concepts to bring about meaningful change for the wellness of nations through the promotion of humanitarian values and education.


I am delighted to see the launch of this conference, the timing is right, we are in serious need of paradigm change in our view and practice of healthcare.

Last year also saw a ground-breaking presentation in London “The Integrative Health Conference” where I was invited to give a workshop on “Better Breathing Means Better Health”.

Watch the short video interview with Dr. Toh Wong HERE.