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  • Your immune system and gut microbiome share a symbiotic relationship and your immune function is largely dependent on the state of your gut

  • More than 99% of your genes come from microbes, not your chromosomes

  • The best predictor of future health is your gut microbiome at birth. C-section and antibiotic regimens — both in the mother and the baby — are known to degrade the baby’s microbiome, but can be compensated for

  • Healthy microbiomes are more connected to what your ancestors had that has been lost through short-sighted practices and technology installations. Trying to head toward that is much more constructive than trying to completely overhaul something to a group of microbes your ancestors never saw

  • Aside from the vaginal tract, the baby also receives valuable microbes via skin-to-skin contact, including oral contact with breast tissue, as well as from the breast milk, which is why breastfeeding is so important and can impact your child’s health well into the future. Environmental exposures from soil, food and animals also play a role