When you think about it, breathing is the most important activity in our lives! Between our first breath at birth, the first inspiration to our last when we breathe our last breath out, our expiration, we breathe over half a trillion breaths.

In fact, did you know that all mammals have the same number of breaths in a lifetime, the poor shrew who breathes around five hundred breaths per minute only lives just over a year, elephants and whales who breathe about four breaths per minute can live to one-hundred and fifty years and us human mammals who breathe about ten breaths a minute can expect three score years and ten or more? Check out the chart here: Lifespan of Mammals related to their Respiratory Rate. An ancient Chinese sage Lao Tzu once said: “The perfect man breathes as if he were not breathing!” Because breathing is the most vital activity of our lives you would think this would be of greatest importance in modern medicine, but in reality, it is almost ignored unless you have some respiratory pathology. When did your doctor last check your breathing quality? What makes breathing even more significant is the fact that there is a strong link between how we breathe and what we eat and since almost all our chronic diseases are linked to our diet here is yet another reason why we should improve our breathing. See my research data HERE. 

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