Dr. Glenn Doman

This is a true story of a remarkable doctor who defied all established thinking and established an inspirational organization to initially give hope and real help to every parent of any brain-injured child and later to extend this work to every child born. In my practice, I have, ever since I learned of his work, advised every parent of young children to at least watch the video that you will see below and learn one great lesson from it. As Dr. Glenn Doman says, ” Education begins at around seven years old but learning begins at birth!” His work was initially regarded as nonsense by many including the head of the then called Spastics Society, but all recent research has given us a better understanding of the underlying physiology behind his practical life-changing results with tens of thousands of children. The work of Dr. Norman Doidge described in his book “The Brain’s Way of Healing” tells us that our brains are plastic and can make incredible adaptations with the right support. This is relevant to all ages and all conditions but is profoundly relevant in the early days and months of newborn babies. My own experience of the validity of this work was in my early days of practice, we had a neighbour who initially fostered and then adopted a severely brain-damaged baby. She went to a centre in the south that was providing the training and information in the UK that had previously only been available in Philadelphia in the USA. She returned and recruited a group of local volunteers, converted their garage into a therapy centre, and began to work with the baby using all the advice she had been given. This baby who had not been able to do much on its own I saw years later when she visited us with him, he was now a talkative, bright young teenager in a wheelchair who would be able to make his own way in the world with minimum assistance. The centre in the UK is no longer connected to The Institute for The Achievement of Human Potential and is under new management but still apparently drawing on much of the earlier work of Glenn Doman.

Please take a few minutes to listen to the late Dr. Glenn Doman describing the work of the centre.