We are so privileged and lucky to have a health service that will care for us from birth to old age irrespective of our social or economic status. It is probably the most important service in a caring society that is working towards social equality and justice.
Our NHS must be sustainable and able to develop an even better service in the future, but this will only be possible if we all make our own personal contribution beyond financial input.
Sadly, it seems that since the inception of the NHS, many of us have neglected taking care of our own health and wellbeing, knowing that whatever illness befalls us we will be cared for by the NHS for free. Before 1940 if anyone fell ill they would have to rely on charity, draw on precious savings, or just suffer. There is no doubt that this made everyone take more care of themselves and their children as best they could; eating simple wholesome food, exercising, helping our neighbors and not drinking to excess.
Today in the UK we have an epidemic of obesity from overeating unhealthy foods and snacks, from lack of physical exercise, from stress and brainwashing by advertising encouraging us to consume more and more junk foods.
This unhealthy lifestyle leads slowly but surely to serious chronic diseases; diabetes, heart disease, cancer, strokes, respiratory diseases, and more. All of these diseases are putting an ever-increasing strain on our NHS, almost to breaking point.
If we all began to take more responsibility for our own health and teach our children by example to do the same, we can enjoy an even better NHS in future years. If we don’t there will be a deterioration of the quality of service that can be offered, and only those who can afford private medical insurance will receive good medical care, as is the situation in the USA.
Our doctors are beginning to wake up to this fact and are just starting to learn about health care and health promotion because this is not taught in medical schools, where the emphasis is on diagnosing pathologies and learning how to manage them with drugs or surgical intervention. Just a few hours are devoted to the study of nutrition, little or no training is given in all the other complementary and natural therapies that promote health and wellbeing.
Since the Government is advised primarily by these same doctors and specialists, the chance that change will come from Government is remote. No, only if and when each and every one of us decide to make lifestyle changes will there be a significant improvement in the Nation’s health.
I have devoted forty years to trying to discover the etiology of health. I have come to the conclusion that it is pretty simple. A good diet, good physical condition, good breathing, good mental state, and the support of family and community are the prime essentials.
My small contribution to this concept is an online Skype Lifestyle Course that offers a good starting point for most people.
Remember, if we want a sustainable, high-quality NHS it is up to you and me to make those lifestyle changes that will not only save our NHS but you may not believe it, but it will help save our precious planet earth!
Michael Lingard BSc. DO. WPNut.Cert.
Orthopath, Buteyko Educator and Plantrician