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The Skype Lifestyle Course

The Skype Lifestyle Course will teach you how to improve both your diet and your breathing and is
based on two major research works; the dietary advice is based on the largest epidemiological study
ever done in the field of nutrition, backed by over 25 years of clinical tests and used by over 12,000
doctors worldwide, often referred to as “TheChina Study”. The breath training is based on the clinically
proven system the Buteyko Method developed by the Russian doctor Professor Konstantin Buteyko.

  • £175 and may be paid by PayPal or Credit/Debit Card.

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Fact 1. 90% of our major diseases are diet related, in otherwords we can reduce or eliminate the risk
of developing the major diseases like, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Strokes, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer,
MS, Arthritis, etc. by changing our diet. Yes, it’s that simple and that powerful, we have the power to
improve our health without drugs.
Fact 2. Over 75% of us breathe badly, most of us over-breathe or suffer some degree of chronic hidden
hyperventilation. Dysfunctional breathing impairs oxygenation of our body, causes restrictions of blood
vessels, disturbs the entire chemistry of the body and may be associated with over a hundred diseases
including Asthma, Angina, Anxiety, Hypertension, ME, Poor Sleep, IBS, Allergies,Sleep Apnoea,
Orthodontic Problems, Panic Attacks, etc. We can all learn how to improve our breathing in just a few

The Skype Lifestyle Course Content (Six Sessions of 30 minutes)
Week 1: Assessment and brief overview of the Buteyko Method, check your breathing using the breath-hold test, the
Control Pause. The significance of nose breathing 24/7, even during sleep! Introduction with an Power Point Presentation
Week 2: Introduction to Dr Buteyko’s Method – clinical trials and benefits. How to reach a 40 sec. breath hold. Note your
breathing pattern and the effect on the breathing of correct posture. Learn and practice relaxation & reduced breathing.
Your medication you are taking – the potential for safe reduction. Start your exercises with CP, Pulse, RB (relaxed /reduced
breathing). Food and its effect on your breathing, food allergies/intolerances.
Week 3: This part will be based on assessing your current dietary state and developing a plan for future improvements.
Information will be given to guide your changes in diet. Links to many sources of support and cookery recipes will be given.
Week 4: Practice and modification of the exercises to work for you The Mini Pause. Learn Reduced Breathing & Extended
Pause exercises. The effects of stress – Signs of Stress – The ‘fight or flight’ response – and CHVS. The difference between
normal breathing & CHVS, disorders it produces – how Buteyko reduces symptoms. The Anti-hyperventilation Exercises
Week 5: Assessing your progress – we check your results to make sure you are practising correctly. You learn how to
“Talk like the queen” to avoid mouth breathing when talking. Changing lifestyle habits to improve your health.
Week 6: Review of your progress so far. When you are ill, advice on taking better care of yourself for faster recovery.
Physical exercise, making it safe, an essential element for progress. Looking ahead, reducing your Buteyko exercises,
stopping taping, incorporating the Buteyko Method into your daily life. Final assessment & your future personalized plan.
To enroll on the course please contact Michael Lingard by e-mail:
or by phone +44 (0)1580 752 852 for Registration Form & to agree dates and times for lessons to meet your needs.

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