Einstein’s work on relativity involved mathematics far beyond the man in the street, but he was convinced that if you understand something fully you should be able to explain it very simply. His renowned formula E=mc2 that explains the conversion of matter into energy would be a perfect example of this.
What most people don’t know is that he also had strong opinions on our habit of eating animals! In fact, he gave up eating meat and became a lifelong vegetarian in part because of concern for eating sentient creatures but also he realized that meat-eating was not sustainable for the planet and that we should all shift towards a plant-based diet if we are to protect the planet’s future.
Only now are we seeing the devastation caused by the intensive farming of animals and the destruction of the forests, depletion of water supplies, pollution of oceans, and excessive consumption of energy from this growing world demand for meat consumption.
Many people have difficulty understanding this problem so a few years ago I thought I would take a leaf out of Einstein’s book and offer a simple explanation of why we would all benefit, including the planet from a shift towards a whole plant diet.
Here is my small contribution: H = n/c Where H = health(our own health and the planet’s health), N = Nutritional content of food, and C= calorific content of the food. Whole Plant Foods rank the highest nutrient content per calorie. (Also the lowest damage to the planet)
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