There was no Big Bang!

Ignoramus, should be the foundation of science, literally translated it means “we know nothing”! The arrogance or ignorance of man has led us all to believe otherwise, that we know it all! So, we are told by the leading minds in science that there is a story we should accept about our universe, that like all good stories there is a beginning, a middle and an end. In particular that the beginning was the “Big Bang”, when the universe was born. We must not ask what preceded this great event as we are told it was a singularity point and that to question the existence of anything before this imaginary moment would be by definition meaningless or even stupid and ignorant!

May I admit right now that I am one of those people who are ignorant and maybe also stupid because this part of the story of our universe does not fit well with my thinking.

Most religions over the past millennia have offered something very similar to explain the beginning of the world and beyond. They have proposed a God, an all mighty being set it all in motion. All that modern science has done is take a leaf of the religious books and done the same but in doing so they have debased “science”.

My humble take on this ancient question is that there may be alternative explanations that need investigation. That it is perhaps a human need to demand there has always has to be a beginning!

What if there has never been a beginning? That the reality is one of continuity? From our very limited perspective, we presume there is always a beginning and we find it difficult to accept otherwise?

I favour another story that offers continuity but also accepts the limited understanding we have so far.

Einstein often engaged in mind experiments that led to his many discoveries. He once traveled on a beam of light to learn how that would turn out!

May I be permitted to take a similar trip? You may join me if you wish!

We are all accustomed to Einstein’s equation E= mc2, we are now all too familiar with the significance of this little formula, nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and the life-giving energy from our sun!

I should like to add a second equation, I make no apology for omitting the mathematical proofs, I leave that to greater minds than mine! It is I = ec2 where I is information or pattern, e is energy and c is either the same or a similar large number.

Now we begin our mind experiment.

I would like you to convert all the matter in the universe, including you and me, into energy. Then I would like you to convert all this energy into information or pattern. We now have a universe devoid of matter and energy leaving only information or pattern.

For religious thinkers, they might say this is the mind of God. For those who prefer to keep God out of it, it is just what it is pure information.

Modern man is now accustomed to using a smartphone or a  computer that can hold many billions of bytes of information with very little energy, could it not be possible that the universe could do far better?

Information is timeless and needs no space!

I invite you to a second mind experiment to demonstrate this.

Visualize an equilateral triangle in your head, now make it as large as you want, then shrink it to just a point. Has it disappeared? No. So you have demonstrated my point, that triangle could exist beyond time or space.

Back to our transformed universe now. Let the information begin to condense to energy, the energy to condense to matter, and allow it to return to where we started.

Perhaps there is a constant fluctuation of information, energy, and matter and right now we are witnessing just one of the infinite possible situations that we call our world and our universe. There was no beginning and no end! We are all partaking in this “learning universe” and that includes every one of us, every living animal or plant, and even the so-called inanimate matter of rocks and elements.

Those mysterious Black Holes are simply cosmic information stores and perhaps the strange field that sucks all matter into them is the other force just being glimpsed at in recent experiments. This would also explain where the missing 95% of matter is, converted into, energy and information.

The most impressive work that might be related to these ideas is on Morphic Resonance by Rupert Sheldrake.


Michael Lingard BSc. DO

Amateur cosmologist!