Stress can come in many forms, but every stressor will trigger our primitive response of the Fight/Flight or Freeze.

This can be a life-saving response that allows us to find hidden powers to deal with the stressor but in today’s world, it often is not an appropriate or healthy response. The Fight/Flight response is said to trigger around 1,400 physiological changes including: Blood flows from the skin to muscles, blood pressure & heart rate increase, blood sugar & fats raise, blood clotting increases, red blood cells increase, breathing rate increases, muscles tense, digestion slows, pupils dilate, hearing sharpens, perspiration increases, mouth drives, adrenaline released, increased nerve transmission speed, increased secretion of CRF & ACTH, increased cortisol release, etc.

It is well recognized that stress is a major factor in most modern diseases. We cannot control the 1,400 physiological changes arising from stress but we can learn to control our muscle & mental tension and hyperventilation with breathing exercises & lifestyle changes. This, in turn, reduces all the other 1397 physiological changes!

Stress contributes to many illnesses and general impaired health: Asthma, Anxiety, Angina, Allergies Arrhythmias, Bladder problems, Breathlessness, CFS, COPD, Cramp, Crooked teeth, Depression, Disturbed sleep, Eczema, Gastric reflux, Gut problems, Gum disease, Hay fever, Heart problems, Hypertension, Insomnia, IBS, ME, Muscle spasm, Malocclusion, Poor concentration, Panic attacks, Rhinitis, Sleep apnoea, Sinusitis, Snoring, etc.

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