Poor tissue oxygenation, or hypoxia, is a difficult problem to treat.

Forced ventilation does not increase the rate of take-up of oxygen by the body’s tissue and may cause lung damage. Even with optimal breathing, if there is impaired blood circulation in an area, it will not get adequate oxygen, this may account for the variable success of Professor Buteyko when treating chronic conditions.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment does increase oxygen take up while the patient is in the unit but the hypoxia returns soon after the treatment ends, within minutes.

If there was a way of providing substantially more oxygen in the water drunk by the patient, this would be a solution to the problem.

But the oxygen in the water would need to be only released into the hypoxic tissue and not released in the gut.

The discovery of stable oxygen-enriched water, the Kaqun water has offered a remarkable way of solving this problem.

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