Health is both simple and complex. Health is the normal state with the right lifestyle. When anyone asks me what are the factors affecting our health, I am now quite clear that the answer is; everything! Our health is affected by many things including body mechanics, our diet, our breathing, our stress, our work, our family, our genes, exercise, the environment, and much more, or as I said before everything, but we only have any substantial control over two of these factors.
The good news is that by taking control of these two key factors we may improve most of the other factors.
This small book will explain what these two factors are and how you might take control of them for optimal health.
Modern medicine has become obsessed with diseases to the detriment of studying and promoting health. Whenever I have asked an audience “Is health what is left after we take away all diseases?” They invariably answer NO! Intuitively we all know that health is far more than not having an ache or pains, but it almost defies definition. Many have tried but none have succeeded to nicely define that sense of energy and vitality we see in a two-year-old.
This small book has brought together many of the elements I have discovered over the past forty years from my own experiences and the thoughts and writings of many others far wiser than me.
Just let me say that in my opinion, we should all accept an unpopular concept; that we are all responsible for our own health by the lifestyle we choose and our outlook on life. There are a few exceptions to this in extreme cases of living in health crippling environments when life challenges are just too great for the individual. Click HERE to get your copy of this little book.