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The two most important measures of anyone’s health, wellbeing and vitality must be:

“What We Eat” and “How We Breathe”.

We are “what we eat”; how else could it be?

From the first breath we take as a new-born child to our last when we expire we take about half a trillion breaths, so it should make a difference just how well we breathe.

In fact my research, based on two hundred patients suggests:

“What we eat affects how we breathe, and how we breathe affects what we eat!” 

If you want to know more, see the data sheet “Diet & Breathing” HERE

Now you can check both these vital signs in a matter of a few minutes.

Your Breathing Quality

The well-established measure of breathing quality has been around for over fifty years. It was developed by a Russian Doctor, Professor Konstantin Buteyko, as part of his Breath Training Programme, that has come to be called “The Buteyko Method”. It measures a patient’s maximum comfortable breath hold when at rest, which is called “The Control Pause”.

You can check your Control Pause with the YouTube video below. It takes just a couple of minutes – click HERE or on the video below.


Visit The Breath Connection to learn more about how your breathing is connected to a multitude of health problems, and check out the many ways you can learn to improve your own breathing.

Your Diet Assessment

Until now, anyone wanting to know how well they were eating would need to spend some time with a nutritionist relating in detail all their eating habits and foods consumed over a period of time. This would then be analysed and a report produced with recommendations for improvements. An expensive and time-consuming process that has meant this vital sign has not been incorporated into general medical practice. With the advent of a new radical dietary assessment system, the DietID, all this has changed. Developed by Dr. David Katz and his team in the USA, it is now being launched in the UK at TotalHealthMatters!

You will get a brief introduction as to how DietID works by watching the video – click HERE or on the video below to watch.


When you are ready you can proceed to assess your own diet in just a minute or so.

Click HERE to do this.


Now you have a measure of these two vital signs, with information as to how you can improve both of them from many available resources online or with additional support and help from others.

To learn more about follow-up support and training please contact me:

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For general information on Health Matters & Health Promotion go to TotalHealthMatters!

Michael Lingard BSc DO WFNut.Cert.