I was privileged to be able to watch a presentation by one of the world’s leading experts on nutrition in healthcare last night, (from 11 pm to the early hours!).

It was indeed well worth staying up a little late, as Dr. Campbell is offering us all a radical new way of studying the current pandemic and how we should proceed in the future. I must admit I am a biased observer, as I have totally embraced the power of nutrition for the promotion and maintenance of health, as a Plantrician.

In today’s world freedom of thought and speech is being threatened by powerful global commercial and establishment forces, so it has become almost a crime of heresy against the current doctrines in medicine if any alternative paradigm is suggested.

Dr. Colin Campbell can vouch for this during his remarkable career, but maybe the situation is worse in “the land of the free” than here in the UK? Let’s hope so.

If you have five minutes to spare I would suggest you watch my much-shortened version of Dr. Campbell’s lecture last night. If your interest is whetted then watch the full presentation by clicking on the image above.