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When science advances and our understanding grows we must rapidly learn how to match this increased knowledge with increased wisdom. Now that is the big problem! We tend to do things new because we can with little or no thought for the consequences in the future. Nuclear fusion stands out as a prime example, not so troublesome because we can keep this genie in the bottle, just!  But by the nature of biological laws, once a gene is out there, we don’t have any way of taking it back! Many years ago Leonardo Da Vinci clearly recognized this problem, he said “Holism needed reductionism to make advances and reductionism needed holism to remain relevant. That when you take something out of context to study it more closely or measure it exactly, you risk losing more wisdom than you gain.” I can safely say that we are now at a tipping point where we are threatened by scientific advances that have outstripped the growth of human wisdom.

It’s time to apply the brakes to our experimentation with nature, at least until we have grown a little wiser.