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1. Increase the oxygenation of your body

Learn how you can improve the oxygenation of every cell of your body through simple relaxation and breathing exercises. Over forty years in practice I have discovered that 75% of my patients do not breathe well, in fact, they over-breathe or suffer from some degree of chronic hidden hyperventilation. Check your own breathing HERE It takes just one minute. This has an immediate effect on the body’s ability to supply adequate oxygen to every cell in the body. Most people can change this in two or three weeks as it is usually just a bad habit that needs breaking. You can learn to make this change yourself with the aid of a Free Podcast “Better Breathing Means Better Health” or have support and training via Zoom.

2. Avoid Dehydration

Most people assume that they drink sufficient water since they will drink it when they’re thirsty. However, it seems that this simple indicator of the need for water, thirst, is not reliable and the majority of the public does not drink an adequate amount of water for their health. We are 75% water and we don’t have copper wires, but nerve signals are carried in watery nerves. The kidneys need an adequate supply of water to function. Our blood coagulation may be increased with dehydration. When we are dehydrated our brain won’t function normally and headaches will be more prevalent. Listen and learn HERE

3. Keep Your Pelvis Level

The fundamental concept that underpins all structural treatments such as osteopathy and chiropractic is that “structure governs function”. The vast majority of patients I have seen for osteopathic treatment over the past decades all arrive with a tilt on their pelvis that has led to aches and pains elsewhere in the body, from elbow problems and neck stiffness to low back pain or leg pains and into the buttocks. This simple thirty-second exercise will keep your pelvis level: The Pisa Pelvic Exercise.

4. Discover the Foundations of Health

Medicine for the past century has been primarily concerned with disease and pathology, to the neglect of all matters relating to the promotion of health. Now you can learn what health is connected to and what the foundations of good health and well-being are, and you may be surprised that health is not just about an absence of disease. Read: “FREE HEALTH – Your Own NHS” by Michael Lingard HERE or “CONNECTION – Towards a Broader Understanding of Health in Medicine” by Michael Lingard HERE

5. Learn How Your Structural Mechanics Affects Your Health

Discover more about how your body’s mechanical structure has a profound effect on every aspect of your health in this free eBook that you may download HERE

6. Learn How Your Breathing Affects Your Health

We can live for three weeks without food, for three days without water though only three minutes without air. This surely suggests that how we breathe is perhaps the most important factor in our lives. Did you know that poor breathing is a factor in over 150 diseases? Discover more in this free eBook which you may download HERE

7. Learn How You Can Take Control of Your Health With the Food You Eat

We are what we eat, and research over the past 50 years has demonstrated that most chronic diseases may be avoided and sometimes reversed by choosing the right food in our diets. Check Your diet in just a few minutes with our radical new system developed by Dr. David Katz – Diet ID HERE. We are the first to offer this in the UK, Learn more with this Free eBook HERE

Michael Lingard BSc. DO. WPNut.Cert.

Michael has 40 years of experience integrating the best of alternative and orthodox healthcare in a multi-disciplinary clinic. He has been practicing physical medicine, osteopathic treatment, and Cranio-sacral therapy since gaining his Diploma in Osteopathy from the European School of Osteopathy in 1981. He managed the first Holistic Natural Health Clinic in Kent from 1982 to 2001. In 2005 he trained as a Buteyko practitioner with the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health, the International Professional Association of Buteyko Practitioners (BIBH) to add correct breathing to his structural work to promote better health, in 2015 he was awarded a Certificate in Whole Food Nutrition from eCornell University and last year became the first licensee for the radical new dietary assessment system Diet ID developed in the USA by Dr. David Katz and his team. He looks forward to a day when modern medicine expands to incorporate health education and promotion as the foundation of the NHS, when our NHS will be transformed from a National Disease Service to a National Health Service! The first shoots Spring of this new era is in the growth of Integrative Medicine. This may blossom into a truly inspirational force for health if there is a paradigm shift from the focus on pathology toward a focus on ethology, perhaps then we shall see current orthodox medicine as the new Complementary Medicine, the high tech reductionist medicine that supports a new holistic integrative health care system. We can always dream, can’t we?