Check out this lecture on the impact of Kaqun Water on Tissue Function:

Immune Cell Function, Hypoxia, & COVID-19  Featuring Dr. Robert Lyons, Founder of the KAQUN system

13 May 2020, 1:00 pm (London time)
Hosted by ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners) London, UK
Speakers: Dr. Robert Lyons & Adam Boday MSc.



Low tissue oxygenation is found in all diseases, including diabetes, cancers, and viral infections but also develops slowly with age. We can measure our blood oxygen saturation and it may look good, 98 or 99 but this tells us nothing about our tissue cell oxygenation. Professor Konstantin Buteyko discovered he could help many serious illnesses including some cancers by training the patient to improve their breathing and thus improve their body oxygenation. However, if the blood circulation is impaired in any area there will still be poor tissue oxygenation there. When we drink water that is enriched with active oxygen as in the Kaqun Water, since every cell has to absorb and use water for its survival, oxygenation of this tissue is increased regardless of the impaired circulation of blood. One of the key regions of every cell in the body that benefits enormously from improved oxygen supply is the energy center, the mitochondria in each cell. With increased energy availability every cell is better able to develop healthily and combat any damaging infection. The profound beneficial possibilities of this approach that has no adverse side effects are still being discovered. This may transform many therapeutic approaches in the future when more research is done. There is an interesting introduction to some of this research in a video HERE. 

Ensure your tissue oxygenation is optimal by re-training your breathing as well, check out the Skype Breath Training Course HERE

I see this water as an extension of Buteyko’s work. I would strongly advise everyone to begin by optimizing their breathing to improve their oxygenation and supplement this as necessary with the Kaqun water. For people with chronic serious diseases, the benefits of both approaches become even more important. Once again I would emphasize that anyone with a disease needs to do whatever they can to optimize their own health as well as receiving whatever therapy they have been prescribed. “Health defeats Disease” is not an oxymoron.

Kaqun Water is produced in Hungary but is available in this country and in the USA. Google Kaqun Water to find out if there is a supplier in your area. I buy it from a south-east distributor The Health Group  HERE