The lifespan of mammals.. copy

Life Span of Mammals & Breathing Rate
All mammals appear to have a given number of breaths in a lifetime, about half a
trillion. As a rough approximation divide the breathing rate in breaths per minute into
700 for lifespan in years.
Mammal            Breaths per minute                          Lifespan (Years)
Whales                      35                                                     200 130
Elephant*               512                                                      130 65
Man                         616                                                      110 45
Horse                    1215                                                        55 45
Sheep                    1634                                                       40 20
Cat                         2040                                                      30 15
Dog                       2030                                                       20 15
Cow                       2550                                                       25 15
Pig                        3060                                                        20 10
Hamster             35135                                                        10 5
Mouse                90250                                                        7 2
Shrew              300 800                                                       2 1
* Elephants breathe 46 breaths/min lying down & 812 standing, they have a different lung structures.
Where are YOU? Do you hyperventilate?
Better Breathing Means Better Health
“The perfect man breathes as if he is not breathing” Lao Tzu (4 th century BC)
Lao Tzu is claimed to have lived to a160 years old. Perhaps he only breathed about
five breaths per minute
“The more you breathe the closer you are to death. The less you breathe the longer
you will live.’” Konstantin Buteyko 19232003.
We don’t promise great longevity when you train with the Buteyko Method but you
will have better health, more energy, sounder sleep, fewer symptoms and a calmer
life if you breathe better.
In humans, one of the major factors that cause chronic hidden hyperventilation is
stress. Stress triggers the primitive fight/flight response repeatedly eventually
causing the CO2 receptors to accept a lower level of CO2 and thereby establishing an
overbreathing pattern.
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