#Together is a nationwide alliance of campaign groups, business leaders, professionals, and citizens of the UK, united in opposition to the unnecessary authoritarian Government response to Covid-19.

Our strength is in our unity and the sheer numbers of those who feel the same way about government overreach. By standing #Together, we are challenging the Government to return to the tolerant, open, and prosperous society we were before the pandemic.

We invite everyone to join #Together to send a clear message of opposition to the Government, the political parties, MPs, the Lords, and the mainstream media.

These are our main areas of concern right now:

1. Vaccine passports

Vaccine passports are ethically wrong, scientifically flawed, unnecessary, and discriminatory. In response, we wrote the #TogetherDeclaration which is being widely supported and shared across the country.

Please sign and share with everyone: togetherdeclaration.org

2. Vaccinating children

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation recently advised that healthy children do not need the Covid-19 vaccine, the risks to them outweighing the benefits. We reject the government’s attempt to play politics with our children’s health. Parents decide what is in their children’s best interests. They are being disregarded, dismissed, and disempowered by government policies. Vaccinating children to enable adults to ‘feel safe’ is totally unacceptable. It is a red line that many, vaccinated or not, will not allow to be crossed.

3. The Coronavirus Act 2020

We oppose the emergency measures that have suffocated public life, extending unprecedented and draconian rules into all areas of our personal and public lives. The Act should be repealed and not renewed.

4. Medical freedom

Consent to medical procedures is a private, personal matter, and should always be fully informed. Coercing people to undergo them through ‘No Jab, No Job’ policies is unethical and just plain wrong.

5. Mass testing

Compulsory mass testing of symptomless, healthy people is unprecedented, unscientific, and unnecessary. People testing ‘positive’ are not ‘cases’ and we need to stop this socially and economically disruptive activity now.

6. Lockdowns

Lockdowns were an unprecedented, untested measure that dispensed overnight with existing strategies for dealing with medical emergencies. They have done an enormous amount of harm to people’s health, family life, work-life, and education, and at huge cost to our freedom to just live our lives normally. We need to get back to normality and begin to repair all the damage they have done.

7. Open debate

Science and society cannot advance without free, open debate. Yet Government has used its powers, through bodies like Ofcom, to shut down discussion of their policies, stifling voices with alternative strategies. They have limited opportunities to protest and worked with social media companies to remove dissenting content. In an emergency, we need to be free to disagree to find the best solutions and outcomes for all.

Standing #Together our voices are louder and our impact is greater.

If you agree with one, some, or all these points then join us in sharing, lobbying, campaigning, and protesting.

#Together we are stronger.

(Read “Health News’on this website for the information everyone should have access to but much of this is being censored, how can we have informed consent if we are only allowed to hear one propaganda voice?

Michael Lingard BSc. DO )