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  • British data show the COVID shots are an abysmal failure, as COVID infection rates in the U.K. are higher among the “fully vaccinated” in all adult cohorts

  • Infection rates are also rising faster among the fully vaxxed than in unvaccinated cohorts of all ages. All in all, these data prove that vaccine passports and mandates are completely pointless

  • Data from Scotland show more of the same. Double-jabbed Scots are more likely to be admitted to the hospital for COVID than unvaccinated. Since Omicron became dominant, COVID case rates are also lower among the unvaccinated than among the single-, double- and even triple-jabbed

  • Internationally, journalists are now starting to try to switch the narrative away from cases, hospitalizations and deaths by pointing out how unreliable these data are. What they don’t admit is that “dangerous misinformants” have highlighted these problems for two years already

  • Omicron is blowing huge holes in the pandemic narrative, as it predominantly affects the vaxxed, thus proving mandates and vaccine passports are irrational and useless.

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