Click on the image above to learn about your immune system.

Everyone is well informed about the coronavirus that has brought much of the world to a unique social and economic grinding halt.

This was not because of the virus, but because of our response to it.

For thousands of years, mankind had been able to survive millions of viral threats because we have evolved a most remarkable and incomprehensibly complex immune system over that same period.

We are now told that we all need regular repeated vaccinations of the entire world to protect us from mutant variants of the virus along with social distancing, regular hand sanitation, and wearing of masks.

There can be no return to normal living if this is the rational assessment of the global situation.

The video above gives a clear explanation by Dr. Bruce Lipton of how we are all protected by our immune systems.  Perhaps we should all do whatever we can to strengthen this protection and only use vaccinations when absolutely necessary and not indiscriminately for everyone. We will never be able to replace our inherited immune systems with any amount of vaccines, gene therapies, or drugs, that would be a sign of either ignorance or scientific arrogance.

This video should be seen by everyone if we are to bring sanity back to our lives. Please, tell your friends and relatives to watch this. Compared with the hundreds of hours of anxiety-provoking media presentations that are further suppressing our immune systems, just 30 minutes of watching this video could save lives and lead to a long-term solution based on improving our general health and immune systems. Practically nothing has been said about the latter but most information has been to promote more vaccination.

Many thanks, Bruce! As a medically trained osteopath, I thought I understood the immune system but your simple but full explanation has taught me more in thirty minutes than I learned over four years at college!! Remember folks: Boost your own immune system, better diet, adequate exercise, Vit C & D, and learn to reduce stress. Now that makes more sense to me!

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