When there is an endemic disease it is reasonable for people who want to protect themselves to seek the appropriate vaccination against the disease.

Some may choose not to be vaccinated for their own personal reasons, that is a freedom of choice that has been respected until now.

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Question 1:Why is there renewed pressure on hospitals from infected Covid-19 patients despite the high level of jabs or so-called vaccination? 

Question 2: Is the “Jab” really a vaccine?

Question 3: Has the “Jab” compromised the natural immune system’s normal response?

Question 4: How and when will we see an end to this pandemic?

Others may have different answers but here are my own suggested answers.

Answer to question 1:

We know that although we are assured the “Jab” reduces the need for hospitalization and risk of life-threatening symptoms, it does not protect the individual from being infected with Covid, more than half of hospital cases are double jabbed patients. We also know those who have been “Jabbed “ can still transmit the virus since, unlike a traditional vaccine, the virus is not always destroyed and can stay active in the host. The additional hazard is that this allows the virus to mutate while in the host. Could this account for the variants we are discovering?

Answer to question 2:

This is the most important question and is not just a matter of linguistics! The definition of a vaccine has until now been restricted to any substance developed from the original active virus that stimulates the immune system to develop antibodies and responses to protect the recipient from the virus, by overcoming the viral attack and by destroying the virus and thereby eliminating the possibility of further transmission. The “Jab” does not comply with those requirements of a traditional vaccine but simply stimulates one pathway of the immune system with a genetically modified RNA. Despite this limited action I presume it is still possible that the individual’s natural immune system may respond to the virus normally but changed by the additional effects of the “Jab”. Those with a compromised immune system will benefit only from the partial response from the “Jab”

Answer to question 3:

Some evidence is suggesting that the “Jab” may be causing natural immune system damage as well as the reported adverse effects.

Answer to question 4:

With the observed failure of the “jab” to stop infection or transmission there can be no promise of an early end to this COVID pandemic. We can only hope that natural immunity will gradually arise despite any possible adverse impact of the “jab”, but maybe when the population has recovered from the “jabs” and their natural immune system begins to return to normal, then we will see that Covid, like all other viral epidemics, will be a thing of the past. Also when efforts are made to improve immunity naturally and to treat Covid better. There is a growing body of evidence that besides the well-documented adverse side effects, this novel method of activating the immune system may also be compromising its normal function. We will not know what the long-term effects are for some time but repeated jabs with booster after booster will further confuse the immune system.

Perhaps there is a need for the development of a genuine traditional vaccine that has been proven to protect individuals from the virus, stop transmission of the virus to others, and has been subjected to full safety trials.  There are many people who are not anti-vaccination but do object to mandatory medical treatment with a novel RNA therapy, which is being used with no legal safety responsibility on the part of the producer or administrator. Until now all licensed drugs were subject to legal safety requirements and that the producers would be liable in law for any proven related damage. This is not the case with the “jab”.