There are many ways we can improve our health ourselves. This website has brought together some of the most effective exercises or lifestyle changes that have stood the test of time and been subjected to good clinical research over years. Feel free to look, listen and watch the free health-promoting material available here, I am sure you will find it useful.


Fatigue is usually associated with poor oxygenation of our body tissue, whether our muscles, our internal organs, or our brain, the result is the same, poor performance. You could check out my leaflet on a related topic, ME or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome HERE

There may be a link with your diet, are you getting adequate complex nutrients, protein, carbs, etc.?  Why not check your diet with our Diet Quiz in this section: HERE

This score will give you an indication as to how close you are to “The World’s Best Diet”, a Whole Plant Diet based on the largest epidemiological study ever undertaken and over fifty years of research.

We must never forget our body mechanics could be a contributory factor of fatigue. We are after all an incredible complex machine that needs to be structurally in perfect adjustment to perform well with minimum energy expenditure. Visit The Body Connection HERE


Every time we cough we decrease the carbon dioxide content of our body, in effect, it causes us the same adverse effects as over-breathing or hyperventilation. Try to gently suppress your cough by covering your mouth with a clenched fist, this will allow air to help shift mucous without increased expelled CO2. There is more about controlling coughing in our free e-book you can download HERE


There are many possible causes of a headache, so if in doubt it makes sense to check this out with your doctor. However many headaches are associated with poor blood supply and hence poor oxygenation.

Myalgia (Aching muscles)

Here again, a common feature of myalgia can be inadequate oxygen supply to the muscles or poor circulation causing build-up of lactic acid.

Shortness of Breath

Your first priority should be to check your breathing with a very simple 60-second test available HERE

This test will measure your maximum comfortable breath-hold when at rest and after a normal breath in. It was developed by Professor Konstantin Buteyko and is called the “Control Pause”

The Buteyko Breath Training will always lead to improvement in your breathing, reduced breathlessness, increased energy, and much more. Learn more with this free e-book HERE

You could start with the free podcast training course HERE,

I hope this will set you on a course towards beating Long Covid, please contact me if you need more information.