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  • COVID-19 booster shots lose effectiveness rapidly, with protection plummeting by the fourth month post-shot

  • Within four to five months post-booster, protection against COVID-19-related emergency department and urgent care visits decreased to 66%, then fell to just 31% after five months or more post-booster

  • Regulators are already hinting that a fourth COVID-19 shot may be necessary

  • Moderna, Pfizer and other vaccine makers have begun clinical trials for COVID-19 shots that target the Omicron variant specifically, but studies have failed to show any advantage to the new shots

  • Artificially inflated antibodies caused by repeated booster shots could lead to health problems, including autoimmune conditions

  • If you’ve had COVID-19, even a mild case, you’ve more than likely got long-term — potentially even lifelong — immunity that’s superior to what existing COVID-19 shots provide