The impression I get is that many believe the world will be saved and we shall all return to normal living once we get the vaccination plan sorted out!

Truly, this is putting all our eggs in one basket, the task ahead is considerably greater for you and me and mankind.

Surely our leaders can see this bigger picture? Or are we all numbed mentally by the enormity of the problem? If so it is quite understandable; how can you and I do much to fix this existential problem that confronts us?

The answer is simple. Take one step at a time. Question everything we do in our daily lives and ask, “Is this good for the planet as well as me?”   The task ahead is vast but we do know what is required, what is needed is the political will, the individual will, and the right information and education undistorted by commercial interests and big business pressures.

It will help if doctors are taught more about health promotion & education as a substantial part of their training, not the few hours that are given as at present.

We must find an alternative to everlasting economic growth, it doesn’t take a genius to realize this is unsustainable.

We must learn to care for and support the natural environment, without this there is no future for our children.

We need to find a new measure of successful growth for individuals and economies, the old economic one has failed us.

We need to remind ourselves, that everything is connected, that our own health is linked to our community health, that is linked to national health, that is linked to global health of the earth.

Starting from scratch our own health is connected to our diet, our lifestyle, our work, our housing, our community, and our environment.

My small book “Connection – towards a broader understanding of health in medicine” by Michael Lingard covers these points. From Amazon HERE