The Story in Fifty Words

  • Mankind is at a unique tipping point for healthy survival.
  • The Planet will take care of itself, with or without us.
  • Every one of us has the response-ability to direct our governments.
  • Governments and global corporations must respond to the people.
  • Health is the fundamental force that must be our focus.

It has been my passion throughout my life to discover the true meaning of health. Many might reasonably think that this is obvious and why should I waste a lifetime on such a quest?

It all depends upon how we define health; if it defined as “freedom from all disease” we will be led to find ways of eliminating diseases, there will be “a war against disease”. This would be very similar to the way governments have approached the threat from terrorism; “a war against terrorism” has been waged (a war against an abstract noun!) without first defining the origins and reasons, mad or otherwise, for terrorism in the first place. Over the past two years, we have been waging a war against the smallest enemy known to mankind, the virus! Not against any old virus, but against one particular member of this vast ever-growing family of omnipresent semi-live bugs. It so happens that man has lived and survived for millions of years sharing the planet with these viruses as well as with billions of other bacteria, protozoa, parasites, insects, and even carnivores without needing the global de-humanizing shutdown of the normal life of every man, woman, and child we have witnessed today.

Many questions arise from this unique event, not the attack by a virus as this has happened many times before, but the response by governments to this viral impact.

To name but a few, we might ask

1. Was this a man-made virus or a naturally occurring mutation? We know that research laboratories across the world have been modifying the genetic make-up of everything from the humble virus to the most complex living plants and animals. We also know that what would have taken thousands of years for natural random mutations to result in a new genetic life-form, man, in his wisdom or insatiable curiosity,  can produce this result in weeks. Because man has developed a most beautiful and mysterious ability to respond to any possible assault on his body with an immune system and intelligence that has, by and large, been able to keep pace with these rare natural changes in viral attacks he has survived as a part of this totally integrated biosystem we call earth. It is not unreasonable to presume that we are not all able to cope with novel man-made viral attacks and hence the high mortality we have seen.

We still do not know the answer to this question, but we should be demanding all such research be stopped as it is impossible to ensure safe containment of what could be used as biological weapons.

2. Whether naturally occurring or man-made, why did this virus claim so many lives and cause such suffering? This brings us to the central argument, was it because of global poor health both in poorer countries and in the most advanced and richest countries? We know that the mortality was predominantly among those suffering one or more chronic health problems or the very weak and old. We also know that the very young who have still a strong inherited immune system, largely unaffected by the modern diet, medical interventions, or environmental toxins appear to have been almost untouched by the virus. (Does this not also suggest we already have the natural ability to respond effectively against even rare and novel viruses if we could maintain our natural immune system with a healthy lifestyle?)

What has been the governmental and medical response to the problem? A response that has created almost martial law, imposed constraints on individual freedom, not even seen during the past world wars, resulted in mass unemployment of millions, the collapse of hundreds of thousands of companies, the severe increase in mental distress and disease, the failure of medical attention, diagnosis and treatment of millions suffering from cancer, diabetes or other chronic diseases, almost two years of education lost by the younger generation, and an unprecedented economic collapse only softened by the dramatic economic boost to those groups that have benefitted from the chaos; the pharmaceutical companies, and the ancillary companies supplying medical equipment, clothing, and services. The media have aided this process by feeding a constant stream of fear and terror with daily bulletins of mortality and infection rates that have been based on a negatively skewed counting system; a large percentage of deaths attributed to COVID-19 were in fact deaths from other causes, where the patient also had the virus, and the count of numbers infected was based on tests that are known to have large percentages of false positives.

3. All we now need to decide on is where do we go from here?  There are two main directions that we and our governments can choose; we can proceed by continuing along the course we have taken over these last two years, which will mean more attention to mass vaccination, to restriction of personal freedoms, to greater and greater central control of everyone’s life towards a totalitarian state, the model of which we see in China. Democracy will be replaced with government by a few equipped with the most advanced surveillance systems, the most effective policing systems, and an economy that protects the obedient sheep but excludes those who choose the freedom of thought and speech.

The alternative is we all learn from this life-changing, world-shattering experience, and as individuals and societies act more responsibly. The priorities being to learn how to improve our individual health and that of the planet by changes in our lifestyles. To reduce our dependence on all medical interventions that will follow from better nutrition, better mental outlook, better living conditions, more fulfilling work, and adequate physical exercise, sleep, and recreation. Total Health Matters!  Most people when I have asked them “Is health what is left after we have eliminated diseases?” They have replied almost invariably with a resounding “No!” “It is far more but difficult to put words to it.” We may see real health in very young children, who show vitality and joy for life, but how many of us accept much less than that as we grow older? It is a terrible indictment of our so-called “health systems” that those nations that spend the most on “healthcare” are among the sickest with high levels of obesity, chronic diseases, mental health problems, and reliance on excessive use of medical drugs. At the other end of the spectrum, the other group of people suffers from severe malnutrition and inadequate basic needs such as clean water, good sanitation, education, housing, or a fair living wage. Many of these people have had their traditional healthier lifestyles destroyed by global agricultural companies controlling their way of farming or by loss of their traditional fishing by environmental damage.

Today’s existential problem for mankind is known to be climate change and environmental destruction but global powers see the solution to be technology and a way to further their economic growth and power. There is no doubt that technology will have to meet some of the challenges ahead but the real, healthy, lasting solutions will only come from mankind making intelligent decisions individually and at government levels that lead to both greater individual health and a healthy sustainable planet.

My trust is in the youth of today taking back control of the future and healing the devastating sickness and damage my generation and earlier generations have been responsible for either through ignorance or greed. There is only one planet earth, it could become a beautiful place for all people and all the vast variety of animals, insects, and all living things if we all aspire to that aim.

The young will lead today and will I hope be wiser leaders in the future.

The alternative is not even fit to be considered.