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  • Amazon preordered 100,000 copies of the book, which signals just how popular this information is. Unfortunately, because the book has been so popular and due to printing delays, hardcover versions will not be available until the end of May; however, the Kindle version is now available

  • Most of what you see on mainstream media and social media — including Google, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube — is sophisticated propaganda derived from decades of data stolen from you and the rest of the population by Google

  • If you rely on the fully captured mainstream media, you will only hear the official propaganda narrative about the pandemic, because everything else has been censored

  • Decentralized web options are the solution, which is why we need to develop decentralized censorship-resistant internet and social media platforms

  • The podcast features some of the most important take-home messages about COVID-19, including its likely lab origins, how to use hydrogen peroxide to stay healthy, and its role as a cog in the machine to erode freedom and promote authoritarian rule