I have been watching a very informative video on this subject by the BMJ, if you have the time do watch this yourself: HERE

Since so little public information has been given for those suffering symptoms weeks after contracting the virus I thought I could offer some simple self-help tips.

The commonest symptom is fatigue very similar to ME or CFS. From my experience and many others who teach Buteyko Breathing Courses, there is usually a link with chronic hidden hyperventilation or over-breathing. So my first suggestion is to check your own breathing with the simple Control Pause (CP) used in the Buteyko Method, you can do this now HERE.  If your CP is over 45 seconds, this is not your problem. If under 20 seconds this could be the most important factor to deal with.

A full FREE Buteyko Training Course is on a podcast HERE.  This is not a quick fix but everyone can significantly improve their breathing with this course in a few weeks. Poor breathing leads to hypoxia, the common problem associated with most conditions.

Very few people have an optimal diet, this is another first line of defense against disease and paramount for rehabilitation. Increase all foods with high nutrient density and reduce those with low nutrient density, more fruit, vegetables, whole grains, pulses, seeds etc.

For more information listen to my podcast “The World’s Finest Diet” on all major podcast apps or HERE,  this is a summary of the Whole Plant Nutrition based on The China Study. In practical terms, there is a considerable benefit in reducing meat, fish, dairy consumption. Although a Whole Plant Diet is the optimal diet, there is no need to go meat-less, just eat less meat to gain improved nutrition.

Centre for Nutrition Studies: FREE Plant-Based Health Mini-Course HERE

The third simple aid to recovery is to take extra Vitamin C (1000mg/day) and a good Vitamin D supplement. Both boost the immune system and much more.

Hypoxia or low tissue oxygenation will be another common factor that will be helped substantially with better breathing, but there is another possible supportive route, by drinking Kaqun water. Kaqun water is activated oxygenated water that has been shown to reverse hypoxia in many diseases. Learn more about this HERE

Exercise and physical activity need to be maintained but it is essential to “pace yourself” and not to over-exert yourself.  There may be some associated heart problems when over-exertion is contraindicated.

Relaxation (a part of the Buteyko training), community support, fresh air, and good hydration (listen to this podcast “Water – The Foundation of Health & Life” HERE ) are additional benefits.

Discuss all the above with your own doctor who may suggest modifications to fit your symptoms or additional tests.