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The Result of a Toxic Mix:

  1. An accidental release of a weaponized/gain-of-function modified virus.
  2. A public educated to accept medical advice without question, with total trust.
  3. A global pharmaceutical industry is eager to produce an experimental genetically modified “vaccine” without the usual stringent safety testing.
  4. Drug companies are given the almost unique freedom from prosecution for any adverse effects, unheard of for 99% of drugs.
  5. Unprecedented censorship across all the media against any news or research that questions the validity of the “jab”.
  6. A fear campaign so well developed by the medical establishment and governments pushing for everyone to have this novel “jab”
  7. The business opportunity for unprecedented profitability for global drug companies. (The world’s top profitable companies are the drug companies)
  8. The devastating impact of lockdowns, social distancing, mask-wearing, and increased waiting times for routine medical attention.
  9. The passing-off a novel untested genetically modified substance “the jab” as a vaccine when it neither confers immunity nor stops transmission of the virus as most vaccines should do.
  10. The illegal bio-ethics used to persuade people to take the “jab”, free treats, etc.
  11. The selective reporting of “jab” effectiveness.
  12. The lack of rigorous adverse reaction data collection, including deaths from the “jab”
  13. The pattern of ascribing any death in hospital as a Covid death when it may have been otherwise.
  14. The increasing campaign against any person who expresses his or her right to abstain from this experimental medical treatment, denouncing them as social misfits or worse.
  15. The plans to “jab” children despite the evidence that death or adverse effects from the jab are far worse than from the virus. In fact, children, with their highly effective immune system are little affected by the virus.
  16. The suppression of information on all other therapeutic approaches has been out-lawed, since only can the emergency powers be legally used when there are no alternative treatments.
  17. Never before has the public been subjected to “Vaccine Passports” to live a normal life, access to restaurants, clubs, major events, or who knows what next. They will marginalize a significant percentage of the population as were the Jews in Nazi Germany.

All the above and more have generated a toxic mix that has led to subjecting a large proportion of the world’s population to potentially severely hazardous medical treatment and suppression of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of movement, and the foundations of a police state.

We are witnessing a vast experiment on society, the long-term health consequences will not be known for years to come. Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, the public should be more vigilant and exercise their right to refuse further compulsory medication until they are satisfied with the long-term safety based on full transparent reporting of all adverse reactions to the “jab”.