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The thrust of this book is that we have been brought to where we are now by excessive reductionism, corporate greed, institutional dishonesty, lack of transparency, poor research, yet we have not challenged any of the information given us.

It lays out the immense volume of quality research that has not been given its due publicity because it would injure many vested interests in industry and powerful institutions.   It highlights the damaging effects of decades of reductionism that have led to the neglected of understanding the whole, especially in the field of medicine. The message in a sentence is: “Elimination of all animal-based food and replacement with whole food plant-based diets would dramatically improve our health and the survival of the planet” That this has been known for over a century and not made more public is another example of the problem that we are all confronted with.

To quote from T Colin Campbell & Nelson Disla “Even if there is no direct proof of a COVID-19 nutritional link, I am quite confident that this nutritional strategy could produce a faster, safer, and more comprehensive long-term program for coping with viral diseases like COVID-219, for it bolsters overall immunity and many of the viral-specific processes just discussed.”  Rather than feeling helpless and totally dependent on Government protection, we should all realize that we have the inherent power within us to deal with this disease if only we are willing to make lifestyle changes, in particular shifting to a whole food plant-based diet. Such a shift may also reduce or eliminate the development of most of our chronic diseases, including cancers, diabetes, heart disease, and many more. The full explanation and research background can be found in this remarkable book that has been published at such a timely moment in mankind’s history.