Click on the above image to watch a very brief extract from a comprehensive presentation exp[laing the role of these substances in the immune system’s fight against COVID-19.

 It is noteworthy that the lifestyle advice given in the Skype Lifestyle Training Course is vindicated as sound health promotion and immune system improvement by the above work.

1. A whole plant-based diet will ensure a high intake of vitamin C. (Obviously this is increased considerably when used in therapy for COVID-19. However, it does make sense that people on a whole plant diet will be better protected from all infections.

2. Our NO, nitric oxide, levels are increased when we nose-breathe rather than mouth breathe, because a significant proportion of our naturally produced NO is produced in the nasal cavities when we breathe through the nose. This is our first line of defense against infections.

3. The Buteyko Method teaches normal breathing and eliminates hyperventilation or over-breathing. Hyperventilation occurs when we are anxious or stressed and when we feel breathless the natural reaction is to try to breathe more, which worsens the hyperventilation. Two of the major effects of hyperventilation is impaired oxygenation and hypertension.

The full presentation may be seen HERE