Mass Vaccination  is Herd Immunity, Novel Gene Therapy is Vaccination, An Unreliable Positive Test is A Disease Case

Over the last few months, there has been a rewriting of a few terms in healthcare and medicine to fit the current situation with COVID-19. The changes are subtle but together are very significant if we are ever to return to life anything like as it was pre-2020.

Herd Immunity

The first I noticed was the concept of “herd immunity” that ever since I can recall referred to the naturally developing immunity to disease over time as everyone as is exposed to the disease and develop their individual resistance to the disease. This has now been re-defined as occurring when everyone has been vaccinated against the disease, not the natural process of the past but a medically driven mass vaccination independent of the normally developing individual immune response.


The second re-definition that I discovered was the inherent meaning of the word “vaccine”. All past medical definitions I have checked define a vaccine as “a medical injection or other means of the introduction of a substance that protects the patient from contracting a disease and prevents the individual from transmitting the same disease.” However, the three major new “vaccines” based on mRNA, do not claim to protect against infection but primarily reduce the severity of the infection, and also do not ensure the reduced transmission of the disease. It is also worth noting that past vaccines have been diligently tested over many years before being deemed safe, whereas the mRNA jabs are still novel, experimental medicines that have been given a safety clearance after only months of testing. This, despite previous similar jabs based on mRNA design, having been stopped because of serious adverse reactions, and only with the chemotherapeutic treatment of cancer patients did they continue to be used. There may be another reason why these new jabs have been given the highest recognition as vaccines, in order to encourage the rapid development and use of them. Currently, in the USA and in the UK, the responsibility for the safety of all vaccines has been taken over by the Governments, the manufacturers are no longer responsible for ensuring the safety of their products if they are called vaccines, but are still fully liable for all other drugs they produce. My concern is that this protection could lead to lower safety standards and less testing for adverse reactions or effectiveness.


Now comes the third re-defined word I have met, “case”.  Traditionally and in practice, a case of any disease meant the observation and evaluation of a person who had shown symptoms and signs of the disease. A simple logical definition most would agree with, but in recent months we have been regularly informed of the number of new cases of COVID-19 as simply a person testing positive to one of the current testing procedures. This, despite the fact that it is accepted that there are many false positives. If this were a minor error it would not be significant but there may be as many as 80% false positives. On the basis of these questionable tests, the public is given an impression of an epidemic greater than the true situation and on this “evidence” we are subjected to continuing lockdown and increased anxiety of the disease.


I am now waiting to see that the word “health” is going to be re-defined as “an absence of disease”. I have often asked audiences what they understand “health” is, and all have agreed it is far more than an absence of diseases. This is a fundamental problem for modern medicine. Its dominant focus on treating diseases and lack of concern for promoting healthy living has led us to the sick state we find ourselves suffering from in the so-called developed nations. If we accept this concept that health is simply an absence of disease then we are set for an eternity of ever-increasing medical treatment, more routine drugs for every man, woman, and child. Forget healthy living, this will be worse than any 1984 scenario.

Just to be clear, I am not an anti-vaxer, but prefer to see medicine used with discrimination and good judgment, not routinely without consideration of potential adverse effects.

I am in favour of the Hippocratic oath “ I promise to do no harm” which has been severely diluted to permit the use of medical procedures that in balance do more good than harm on a community basis but may not apply so well for individuals! 

Health for everyone is not some dreamer’s utopia. It is the norm that nature tends towards, it may be best defined as the consequence of a growing wholeness at all levels. In fact, the very word is derived from old English Hale, which means Whole. Our individual health is reflected in the health of the family, the community, mankind, and the entire planet. We cannot take up arms against the whole of nature and win, we are not that wise or powerful. We must start a new way of living that embraces nature, that does not destroy the fauna, flora, land, seas, and air in the name of human progress. We must learn to be less arrogant, more humble, and rejoice in how much we have learned so far, but how infinitely much greater is our ignorance of life and the universe.